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The Key To Making Money – High Quality Traffic


Many of the industry experts say, “It is about time that the “Make Money At Home” industry, as a whole, has access to Extremely High Quality leads and traffic. 

You can purchase Solo Ads to get traffic to your business but they do not always have stellar responses; good buyers traffic is hard to come by. In the past Only the Major Players had access through Publisher buys to High Quality Converting Traffic; some typically would not sell high quality leads/traffic in packages to anyone for less than $10,000.00. You may be familiar with Traffic Authority and The Solo Ad Agency where the lowest traffic package is $220.00 plus the monthly cost starts at $97.00; they Do have good traffic but there is way to do it for next to nothing.….

Things are rapidly changing in the MLM/MMO  industry with the January 2017 launch of a company that produces Extremely High Quality Buyer leads and traffic which allows the average Internet Marketer access to it for $1 for 7 days – that is thinking outside the box. It is a Membership site that gives you High Quality Buyers Traffic plus a high converting Sales Funnel and a Product that every Online Marketer must have to build his business.

Some Dismal Experiences

I am a bit skeptical of anything New as it is used as a buzz word of sorts but then I have seen and experienced it all online in the last 10 years. I have lost thousands of dollars trying it all; my issue was jumping from program to program without giving each one a chance to work; I am a very impatient person. I also had the shiny object syndrome. My wife even threatened to leave me if I did not mend my ways and she was right.
Fast forward to today where I see something with great potential, this New Launch that provides High Quality traffic for pennies on the dollar, I am "all in" and giving it my all. The money we will make is on the Membership program itself and not on selling the traffic, although there is profit there as well. 

The principle (CEO) of the company is an Affiliate and that is how he is being paid within the company. One thing to remember the principles (Owners if you will) involved in this New Launch have used this kind of traffic for years; this is the type of traffic that makes millionaires. Frank Kern made over 13 million dollars with this exact same traffic, from the exact same people involved in this New Launch, a few years ago. All the top gurus use this type of Traffic or they use their own lists. All the really big MLM affiliates use this Traffic almost exclusively that are in MOBE or Empower and many, many others. They use this Traffic because it is cost effect as it converts.
It is Not only the quality of the traffic but also the Program itself in combination with a high converting Funnel. These are absolute Musts in this industry for the average guy and gal who want his/her business to make money. Most people in this industry Do Not know how to do all of these things correctly; they need experts to show them how. This company provides all of that knowhow for Free and it is All put together for you with no learning curve.
In fact you could get involved today and have your business up and running in 10 minutes if you wish including all the targeted Buyers Traffic you will ever need under one roof. If you wish to browse the site for a few hours to find out a few things first, feel free but it will cost you a whopping $1 to look around for 7  days.

You must have 3 things or better yet 4 things to make a lot of money continuously in an online   business.    

  •             High converting buyers traffic
  •         A Product that everyone wants and needs and Knows they need it 

  •            A High converting Sales Funnel
  •        All at a price the average person can afford

I have purchased 300 visitors as a free member of this New Launch and by the end of January I should know how well it converts. The scuttlebutt from members who have been in a few weeks before me is, “for every 100 visitors from this paid traffic to this Membership site you will average 1 to 2 immediate signups; and 2 to 7 more signups from the auto-responder campaign” from the same 100 visitors. So needless to say it seems very intriguing with massive potential to blow this out of the water very quickly. This is like giving candy away to kids. I have heard this stuff before so I thoroughly checked this one out, especially the Owners behind the scenes. 

Involved Traffic Gurus ?

This Membership site is receiving their high quality buyers traffic from industry experts like Ross Goldberg and Rob Hannley. These two are Traffic Gurus of the mega kind. I have seen Rob Hannley purchasing traffic on the site a number of times as the names of who ever purchases traffic here is shown. Most people Do Not know who he is but he is a traffic guru and they do not purchase garbage traffic, they create high converting traffic from their own company and that is all they use. 

This New Membership site is connected to Net Millionaire’s Club where Ross and Rob are the principles. I have researched this thing to death and so far I do not see any issues of concern; just waiting to prove my traffic; a 2% doubting Thomas I am but 98% sure, this is the real thing.

All You Do Is “Give Away $1 Traffic Offers”
With this Newly Launched Membership site all you do is give away “$1 Traffic Offers” to anyone who needs traffic; more candy offers.
Essentially when you join the Membership site you become a Traffic Re-seller with Residual Infinity income so you can build your Primary business if you have one. 
You can also make very, very good money just promoting this Traffic Program with;
1.  50%  Referral commissions on Level 1 – infinity payline  
2.  25%  on Level 2 – infinity payline

This is what I am doing, primarily promoting their Membership site and I will see if all things are according to Hoyle, so to speak. You do receive commissions on non-member Traffic orders – who does that? You have 7 days to look around for $1.

                           Click Here for your Seven day $1 Trial:
With this type of Program you can have all your Traffic for free if you wish. The Key here, is the  High Quality Buyers Traffic you are receiving at a big discount, 50% or more. So far, this looks absolutely amazing.

Everybody Knows What The Product Is – High Converting Traffic
One thing I love about the product is that I do not have to explain to any marketer what Traffic or Visitors means or is. When I wish to operate a business I do not want to have to learn what the product is or what it does; and then try to convince someone that they need it; i.e. you do not need to know why you need a plumber, electrician, or carpenter. In most cases that is a given.
The other thing I really love about this product, is that every online or offline marketer needs it, i.e. traffic to their business. Your target market is every person who wants to Make Money Online who is trying to build his/her business in the Make Money Online area. You are not limited to baby boomers or nutrition or health oriented people or those interested in weight loss or bitcoins or gold or any other limited market.

At this point the only traffic they are offering is designed for MLM or MMO. My understanding is that down the road a bit they will or can branch out into other markets such as Real Estate, ad infinitum.

I am dragging on a bit too long here so let me finish ASAP. 

Powerful Powerful Components

Nowhere else can you potentially find this powerful of a system for the average marketer! And I really mean that, there is Nothing online that has this much potential to make you a lot of money  and to get all Your traffic for whatever business you want for Free. 

 Finally the average marketer has access to Publishers Traffic plus their Funnels are snap, crackly, pop awesome. Everything is done for you –  your complete business up and running in less than 10 minutes; nothing else to buy as they market to the list that is coded to you for you. 

Down the road and once you are making some moola you should look at getting your own auto-responder and a Funnel like theirs; they show you where and how to do that, again simple and easy. They will give you their Funnel system to use with your auto-responder so you are building your list – a key to your long term business. 

You could easily make a very, very good living with this Membership site alone and nothing else. I love simple, easy, fast and lucrative; why would I want to work hard to make money if I can work smart and make even more money; no brainer. 

There is great interest in this Membership site as I have 5241 clicks with unique at 3012; out of 203 unique from only one site I have 70 signups ( a $1 signup must put in their credit card info so they may look around; they do that to keep never-buyer looky-loos from filling up the site). I can say without a doubt that their Funnel system is Extremely Good, actually amazing. 

This traffic coming from Ross and Rob as I have seen in my Back office  is a massive winner. 

A price freeze for the Jan 2017 launch where you can be grandfathered in at a 50% discount.

                                Click Here for your Seven day $1 trial:  

P.S  If you search this site carefully you will also find a way to create Your Own Publishers traffic for free (again think Ross and Rob); never pay for traffic again. Resell your Own high quality traffic you have created for Free with 100% profit. You could make a killing as a Solo Ad Vendor on Udemy.

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