Saturday, February 25, 2017


Are you an artist, an art collector, or you are someone who just love having art around his/her home, workplace, etc. -an art enthusiast? Then you need to join PV Art Portal, a wonderful platform where you as an art buyer can meet with art creators who are exhibiting their work and also selling.

As an artist, you might have gone through the art school, learnt and perfected your skills, and now make creative and stunningly beautiful art. But one thing you won't learn in art school is how to get your artwork to the world. And this seems to be the one of the most crucial thing about being an artist. What's the point of having ten amazing portraits, painted by you, sitting in your gallery and only you and your friends know it is amazing. You need to ensure that the world knows about your skill, your passion, your drive, and better still, you need to make money off of your art. So, what better way to do this than to join the PV Art Portal?
A lot of artists who are having incredibly amazing talents are broke and frustrated. Soon they begin to contemplate about letting their passion for art go; they start thinking of finding a different way to earn a living. With time, their proficiency starts to depreciate as it's not being used. This, to some large extent, means that someone's beautiful life, satisfaction, and joy is being aborted and destroyed.

Signing up with PV ArtPortal will ensure that your work is showcased to the world as people from around the world, different ethnic group and races, use the platform to get connected to buyers and sellers who are really interested in artwork. PV Art Portal brings art enthusiasts together, helping them relate and connect, and do amazing business together.

As a buyer, PV Art Portal presents you with the opportunity of getting original portraits made my professional artists. We make sure that you get amazing, creative talents that will provide you with the kind of artwork you desire. We made sure to provide a platform that could accommodate everybody.
So, as a an artist who wants the entire universe to know about his/her talent, and showcase their art work to the world, or a buyer, an art enthusiast, or an art collector who wants to get the best and nothing but the best form of art from the best and most talented artists in the world, then you need to join us at PV Art Portal. You will be grateful you joined, as we are dedicated to making sure that every lover of art gets connected to a source that will make them happy, whether buying or selling. Do not hesitate, join PV Art Portal today and get to offer your unique services as an artist, while buyers can come get satisfying and professionally painted artwork for their projects, homes, or workspace.

PV Art Portal is an initiative of the Phoenix Voyage International, which happens to be an informational resource center, an educational multimedia production company, and a hive for action-based program developers. We help with the promotion and showcasing of businesses and organizations that are focused on the implementation and introduction of technologies and products that adds benefits to Life in all of its glorious diversity.

Phoenix Voyage International, together with the help of non-governmental organizations and corporations, is working up to become a member of the global movement, supporting "green" awareness and the implementation of services, products, and technology. We are all about motivating, inspiring, and activating the globe through team work and action-based programs.

Our organization is open to individuals, groups, companies, and communities who share our commitment to clean living, global humanitarianism, and sustainable initiatives.

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