Wednesday, July 11, 2018

ASIRVIA Automatically Promotes Your Business and Creates Customers

In this post, i want to talk about Asirvia's Go, its services and full business marketing services private specialist to reach nearby customers.SEE
                    WATCH HOW IT WORKS
  • Asirvia gives you a tiny wireless piece of hardware that can fit in the palm of your hand called a GO.
  • Using Asirvia’s GO SERVICES web-based platform, you decide the message and link you want to program with your GO with in real-time. Every GO you have can be programmed with a different message and link.
  • The GO broadcasts your message and link and can be viewed as a notification by nearby smartphones & devices.
  • Inside the GO SERVICES platform, you can easily track your exposures for every GO. Your exposures are proof proximity marketing works!


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