HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: FIVERR Sellers Made $50,000 on Fiverr

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I stumbled upon this article when searching for EASIEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE  and  i would like to share the make money ideas with you.
For many people, Fiverr  is a simple, effective way of making some extra money. The income they make from the site is supplementary and compliments the money they make at a day job. However, there are some Fiverr super sellers who hustle and grind their way to tens of thousands of dollars each year on the site. If you think it can’t be done, take a look at some of the Super Sellers below to see how they make it happen.

Harold Versus Student Loan Debt

Fiverr Super Seller Harold Everton finished graduate school with a mountain of student loan debt that he was sure would take years to pay off. But when he came across Fiverr, he found the perfect way to make some extra money though public speaking, something he was already good at. After spending all day working at a day job, Everton stays up late creating video testimonials for satisfied customers. He also engages with the Fiverr community on various forums and advertises his services on Craigslist to ensure he’s getting the word out about his business. The result: a booming online business and no more student loan debt.

A Full-Time Gig

Not all Gigs are supplementary. In fact, some can be a full-time job that offers full-time pay. Fiverr-seller Katie was looking for a way out of a full-time job that she didn’t enjoy. She turned to Fiverr as a way to sell her talents as voiceover artist. Now she has over 10,000 completed orders and over $100,000 in earnings.

Her secrets: a goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction, promoting her business on social media, and making a personal connection with her customers.

“Fiverr has changed my life,” she writes. “The freedom to work when I want, doing what I want is the best thing about the site.”

Here’s Your Down Payment

In today’s economy, homeownership can seem like a difficult goal to attain. However, we know of one Fiverr seller whose hard work allowed him to come up with the down payment for his house.

Andy, a Top Rated Seller based in Denver, uses the site to promote his voiceover talents. He sees an average of 5 to 10 new orders each morning for a wide variety of projects, from video games to presentations. Andy estimates that 80 percent of his current income comes from Fiverr, which allows him to be the CEO and CFO of his own company instead of working for someone else. Like many other successful sellers, Andy prides himself on over delivering to his customers, something that results in constant satisfaction.

“For me, Fiverr means freedom,” he writes. “It allows me to be what I’ve always wanted to be, an entrepreneur. Every day I get up and I’m so excited to use my voice to help other people.”
The Launchpad for a Global Business

Top Rated Seller Wayne Austin calls Peak District, England, home. It’s a small town without much going on, but Austin was still able to make big things happen with his design company using Fiverr. He regularly wakes up with 20 to 30 requests waiting for him in his inbox and is able to generate about $3,000 a month using the site.

Austin calls consistency and video the two keys to his success.

Regarding video, he writes, “You can read all the text someone has written for their Gigs, but buyers don’t really want to read. They want to watch a video and really engage with a potential seller. They want to hear you explain the service. When my buyers watch my videos, they understand what I offer, and they get a real sense of who I am as a person.”
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