How To Make Money On Facebook Groups

In this post i want to reveal to you how you can make money on facebook Groups promoting website Ad Copy or simple put Promotional Message.

Yes, its very possible to make money from Facebook Groups. This is my area of concentration and where am making money online everyday as Social Media marketing Manager, how do i started you  may want to ask me?

Its simple, i created gig at fiverr that i will post your Ad Copy in different Facebook Groups starting from $5 and i had processed over 300 orders and made of $2,000 for just posting in Different Facebook Groups see this post Exactly How I made OVER $2,000+ Online from FIVERR

So, to get started let me give you what you REQUIRED to get started, here they are:


    You may think you are a social media whiz, but using social media for personal use is quite different than using it for business gain. Once you have the training in basic skills.


    If you want to make your services clear and explain what you do and what kind of clients you have worked with in the past. The best way to do this is through a website ( if you cannot avoid website at start, you can make use fiverr, gigbuck, onedollarr, seoclerk, etc to List Your Service…
    For the purpose of this post, I will only talk about HOW TO START YOUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BUSINESS ON FIVERR which is our major focus and platform to enlist or display your services, that is exact platform am using to generate or make income online as Social Media Marketing Manager.  So, please kindly pay FULL attention here because this is where you start your business immediately.


Now that you have enlisted your service: Below are the steps to join facebook groups where you will be Posting and promoting your client/s or buyers website Ad Copy in different Facebook  Groups.

STEP 1.   Log in into your account.

STEP 2:    Type keywords of groups you want to join in Facebook Search and the search results will loaded, you now click on JOIN and within 24 hours your request will be approve to become a member of the group/s. Example of groups you can join are: Promote Your website, Make Money Online, Get Traffic, Advertise your website, etc

STEP 3:   Join at least 15 or 20 Facebook groups daily.

See the  Facebook link and Screenshot below:   Where I search for Social Media Marketing Business…

Now that you have joined at least over  100 Facebook Groups for the purpose of using the groups to Website Ad Copy for clients or buyers who hired you to Post and Promote their Ad Copy for Massive Exposure and Traffic to their website, then you are ready to start making money via Facebook Groups.

You can get my Step by Step Guide on How To Make Money on Facebook Groups HERE  

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